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Ash Wednesday Service ... 2/26/20

Gospel Reading: Mark 9:30-37 (When the disciples argued about who was the greatest, Jesus taught them that the greatest thing is to serve.)

Who Do You Say That I Am 2/23/20

Mark 9:27-9:8 (Who was Jesus? The question was being tossed around quite a bit. John the Baptist? Elijah? The Messiah? Jesus' transfiguration would reveal his divinity, even as it remains largely a mystery.)

The Jesus Diet 021620

Mark 7:1-23 (Jesus could see that the rites and rituals being performed had fallen far from God's intent for God's people. Jesus demanded that they stop over-attending to external things and begin attending to the internal things that defile.) 

Family Troubles 02/09/20

Mark 6:1-29 (John and Jesus were both prophets who prophesied about God's laws. Only Jesus spoke and acted as expressions of God's love.)

Get Up! 02/02/20

Mark 5:21-43 (All kinds of people flocked to Jesus for healing and miracles. In the healing of an old woman and a little girl, Jesus showed that he could and would offer healing to all kinds of people in all kinds of circumstances.)