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Is This the End of Times? ... 3/29/20

March 13:1-8, 24-37 (Jesus taught the disciples about the end of all things. But in his words, they learned about the things of now. Be awake and watchful. Life is happening all around us.)

Share the Love ... 3/22/20

Mark 12:28-44 (Two commandments are greater than any others. Love God. Love others. Jesus showed how a poor widow modeled selfless love.)


This SERVICE was recorded on the first Sunday that public services in our church were cancelled due to COVID19 or Corona Virus precautions. CLICK here so you can follow along with a print copy of the service that will open up in a new window.

3/15/20 SERMON Jesus Uses His Bible

Mark 11:27-12:12 (God made people stewards of God’s creation. When Jesus challenged the Pharisees’ wicked management of creation, they sought to entrap and to silence Him.)

Questions for Jesus ... 3/8/20

Mark 10:32-52 (The disciples wanted glory and they received the promise of suffering. Bartimaeus wanted mercy and was healed. Jesus knows what people need and what the world needs from them.)