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In the Vineyard ... 11/17/19

Isaiah 5:5-7 and 11:1-5

When God Wrestles ... 11/10/19

Hosea 11:1-9 (Hosea prophesied to the northern kingdom when it strayed from God's ways. What God expressed was grief and love, like a mother that nurtures her child.)

In Our Heart ... 10/27/19 Pastor Joe Holt

Gospel Reading - John 8:31-36

Follow the Leader ... 10/20/19

2Samuel 5:1-5, 6:1-5 (The ark of the covenant had been stolen and housed with enemies for over 20 years. After David became king, he recovered the ark and rejoiced by dancing in the streets with reckless abandon.)

People on the Outside ... 10/13/19

Ruth 1:1-17 (Naomi and Ruth had lost so much already. Naomi was ready to walk away from the people who loved her. But Ruth was not willing to give up so soon.)