Serve In the World

Quilting Group

Quilts are assembled, displayed, blessed, and then shipped to Third World countries where they are used for warmth, privacy walls, rugs, etc.


Arsim, Kenya

In March 2018, Pastor Tim led a five person team from Christ Lutheran Church (CLC) in West Cobb County, USA to the remote Church in Arsim, Samburu County, Kenya.  Missionaries Julia and Vincent Harrington-Leiyoole guided them throughout their journey from Nairobi to Arsim and back.  The CLC congregation donated 100 Luci Lites (solar powered LED lamps), Tootsie Roll pops, popcorn, pencils and sharpeners, workbooks, whirligigs, etc.  The team carried the above items across several continents by plane, truck and foot to the residents of Arsim and Sedai villages.  On this service/learning trip the team saw a dispensary in Arsim, a clinic in Sedai, the "Jesus" movie translated into Swahili & attended by 170, the school and church in Arsim, met with locals at their manyattas, started to learn how they live and began a partnership between our two church communities.

High School Mission Trips 

Every year, our high school teens travel on a week long trek to missions and serve others in the US and in the world. In the summer of 2019, we travelled to Savannah and Guatemala. In July 2018, the youth served in New Orleans by helping paint service centers and sorting Mardi Gras beads that are sold to benefit the homeless. In July 2017, high schoolers drove to Toronto where they served food in a shelter, painted homes and stopped at Niagra Falls.