Pastor's Letter Taken from the June 2019 Newsletter

 A Summer Refresh

June is a fun month for a number of reasons, one being that school takes a break for the summer. The last day of school can come with mixed emotions: some happy, some sad, some just plain lost, and some of us might even feel anxious about what you’re going to do with this really, really (what some days feels like a reallllly) long summer. Here are three tips on how to live out your spiritual life this summer:

1. Go outside – Yes, you know, this place: the one without all those screens. Walk on a state park trail or sit by the lake. The world is a place where God can be seen, touched and sometimes tasted. Witness the splendor of God’s creation and marvel at just how small you are in it.
2. Forgive – Summers can be a long time to hold a grudge. Use this time to take that person who might drive you up the wall out for an ice cream cone. You would be surprised at all of the problems that can be solved through the wonders of soft serve. Life is short, and hate does not add to your enjoyment. Live into the gift that Jesus gives and forgives. Forgiveness might not be easy, but you will rarely regret doing it.
3. Serve – Volunteer opportunities abound in ATL and outside! This is an opportunity for you to live out what it means to be a good neighbor. If you are not happy with any of the ways you can find to serve, create one. Volunteering doesn’t always have to include working with an organization. Maybe God is calling you to action: if you see a problem, God might need you to help fix it.

I hope some of these tips work for you. If they don’t, start thinking about ways you can be intentional about using this wonderful Sabbath time.
God's Peace,
Pastor Tim