Pastor's Letter Taken from the July 2019 Newsletter



Over the past few months, I have found out that a lot of people want to be like me. Not in a role model kind of way, but pretending to be me in order to gain things from other people.

They use tactics like making an email similar to mine or using a google voice
account to send text messages to folks. They are always after the same thing: money. Unfortunately, it seems to be happening more and more. Grandparents being told their grandchildren are in need but asked not to tell their parents about it; scams wanting to give you an award but needing you to send funds first; the list goes on and on. The art of deception and lies is always increasing, and our ability to recognize truth gets harder.

It comes as a bit of a shock to the system every time I find out about this sort of sinister plan. The relationship that I have with you as a congregation member is one of trust, and I truly hate the thought of the exploitation of that trust. And yet, sin and evil still swirl.

Throughout the Bible, there are warnings for folks to be aware of people who will try to trick, deceive and lie. We know that this is not a new thing but one that has been around for centuries. As Christians, we have many different challenges on our walk with God. One thing that has helped me not get bogged down by the bad is keeping my eye on the Good News of Jesus. This Good News is based on what God has done for us, a gift that outdoes any trick, a love that outpaces all deceptions, a truth that silences any lie. When we encounter imposters, remember that God is looking for them too, and their sins cannot extinguish God’s love for them.

And also remember: be suspicious of anyone who texts or emails you for money or gift cards. Always double check by calling trusted lines of communication.
God’s peace,

Pastor Tim