Pastor's Letter Taken from the February 2020 Newsletter 

Sharing Your Inspirational Stories

There was a moment at our CLC 35th-anniversary celebration that has stuck with me for a while now. It was a fun event with really good food, and after we had a chance to share a meal together, we shared some memories in the sanctuary.

It was in this time we had people share about what CLC meant to them. First, we had past pastors share about their time here; second, we had long-time charter members who shared; and then at the end, a bit of magic happened. The end was supposed to be a totally unscripted time when anyone who felt led by the Spirit could get up and share about the importance of this community to them.  Whenever there is an open mic time, I get nervous. The usual questions come to mind: what if no one shares, or what if we have someone who won’t give up the mic. On this night, that was not the case.

We heard from young and old alike about truly inspirational ways that this community has been the body of Christ for them in their times of need. The stories kept coming, one after another; it was as close to a Lutheran Revival as we get!

For me, this was a time to be reminded of why we do church together. The ability to see how God is using our talents and gifts to bring about restoration and healing to the world simply is astonishing and empowering to think about all the ways this will happen because we exist as CLC.

In January, we had the chance to attend a council retreat at one of our camps, Lutheridge. It was a fantastic weekend teaching us how to nurture our church in life-giving ways. One of the suggested ways was sharing our stories, and for that, we need your help. Often we have these events occur in our lives where God has been at work. They come in little ways, like a hug on your way into the church, or big ways, like folks showing up to help in the midst of disaster. Yet all too often, we shy away from talking about it with others. I want to hear those stories!!!

So in the coming weeks and months, I would like for you to be brave: when a God moment happens, share it! You share it before worship, in a paragraph in the newsletter, on social media, or even just in an email to me. 

When God is at work in this world, we are called to let others know about it as part of our testimony to Christ. May God continue to be present in your lives and lead you to bear witness to the many and wonderful things that God has done.
God’s Peace,
Pastor Tim